UPDATE#16 04/16 thru 04/30   

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The adventures of 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009 through 04/15/09 have been published on the website.  We continue with the latest edition.

 UPDATE 2009 #16  04/16/09 thru 04/30/09

At last update, we were making our way us the Atlantic Intercoastal Waterway (ICW) from Florida to Georgia.


     Judy and I were underway on AMARSE from our anchorage at mile marker 735 at 6:40am.  It was a bit chilly but the wind was still calm.

    Coming out of the Ft. George River, we followed the route suggested in Skipper Bob’s book and found nothing less than 8.8 feet.  The GPS tide table indicated that we were 1.8 feet above Mean Low Water (MLW).  All things being equal, that should have given a vessel 7 feet of available depth at MLW.  It would be advisable to follow the suggested route to the letter.  Of course, YMMV.

     As we progressed northward past Fernandina Beach, FL, the winds began to kick up.  Anticipating a rough, wet ride through the Sound, we opted to try the “alternate route”.  Our tides were favorably high and we made the turn at Marker #40 and #A34 at 11:25am.  It was an interesting and tranquil route that was much calmer than the Sound would have been.  We listened to other boats that were waiting out their passages through the Sound in hopes that the winds and seas would subside.

     At 1:13pm, we were back in the ICW and entered Jekyll Island Creek at MM685 just 5 minutes later.  The tide was favorable for sufficient depths all the way through.  Folks passing this way need to be especially cautious with their track and the tide conditions to reduce the possibility of running aground.

     Once through the creek, the wind was kicking up the water quite a bit.  In the main channel of the Brunswick River, this “car carrier” vessel was steaming toward the sea.

     At 2:11pm, we passed under the beautiful Brunswick Bridge on the Brunswick River, then turned north up the East River channel.  The protected waters were nearly smooth.  Soon, the familiar shrimp boat docks were in sight.  A small cruise ship was visiting at the city dock.

     Just beyond, the Brunswick Landing Marina became a welcoming sight.  Dockmaster Sherrie Jackson was hailed on VHF radio and we were given excellent instruction leading to our assigned dock #12.

     As another welcoming gesture, both Sherrie and Cindy were waiting at the dock to help us with our lines and to give us their friendly hugs.  They are both terrific.  At 2:45pm, AMARSE’s engines were silenced and the world was at peace here in the tranquility of our protected slip.

     It was great to see our friend, Paul Murgo, (THE ROSE), and his boat hand for this trip.  THE ROSE was only in for one night during their enroute trip to Rhode Island.  Unfortunately, Connie wasn’t there to give us a hug too.

          Our car has been sitting patiently waiting for our return.  I hooked up the battery and she started right up without a problem.  I’m convinced that putting Sta-Bil in the gas kept it stable and fresh.  I hooked up the battery charger for about an hour to top off the cells in the car.

     Our trip today showed 66.6 miles at an average speed of 8.2 mph.  Since leaving Man-O-War Cay in the Bahamas, we have put 575 miles under the keel.


     A lazy, restful morning had us sleeping until 9:30am.

     Judy scrubbed on the boat all day.  Did Fred help?  Some would say “yes”, some would say “not much.”  The boat was very dirty from both the trip and from having been in the boat yard.

     SEA ISLAND GIRL, DARLING, and SEA SMOKE arrived here in Brunswick in tandem.

     Having our car available, we volunteered to help out by taking Buck to West Marine.  Frank and Mary were grateful for the ride to pick up grocery supplies.

     They all had plans for a potluck supper, however, we had already made other plans to attend the concert, Rhythm On The River, being held tonight at Mary Ross Park which is adjacent to the marina.  Mason Water and the Groove All-Stars was the featured band.  They were excellent and played an enjoyable selection of pop type music.


     After the concert, we visited with Robert and Carolyn Wilson until after 11pm.


     At 10:15am, I had an appointment with the TSA office here in Brunswick to complete my application for a TWIC card.  This is now a requirement for all licensed Masters, Captains, and Mariners.  Photographs, fingerprints, credentials, background, and complete personal history are entered.  The TSA and FBI follow up with an extensive and in-depth background check to determine eligibility.  After approval, I will have to return in person to pick up the technically advanced ID card with electronic imprinting.

     Robert and Rita (MAGNUM OPUS) arrived here today on their way to Charleston.  The girls headed off to the historical district of Brunswick for some antique shopping.  The boys headed to (where else) West Marine and Boaters World.

      The afternoon weather was nearly perfect for sitting on the sundeck enjoying music, sunshine, cigars, and a travel book.

       The Wilson’s hosted the cocktail hour aboard SEA ISLAND GIRL.  Rita (MAGNUM OPUS) showed us her latest basket creation made from Abaco Pine Needles.

     We all headed off to Mud Cat Charlie’s Restaurant at Two-Way Fish Camp marina in Darien, GA.  As usual, everything was delicious.

     We got back just before the heavy rains, winds, and thunderstorms hit.


      Rita and Judy did their morning walk routine picking up where they left off in the Bahamas.  They couldn’t pass up the opportunity to go shopping today for craft stuff either.

      We picked up some tickets to attend this evening’s performance of “Guys and Dolls”.  At 7:30pm, the show started at the Glynn Academy in Brunswick.  It was an absolutely wonder performance by these young people.  I was very impressed with their acting skills and the stage settings.

     A round of boisterous applause and Bravo, yes, Bravo to the cast and crew.


     After working on the boat most of the morning, we headed for Woodbine, GA to attend the Crawfish Festival.  We bought a few things from the many vendors’ booths.  The Mike Miller Band played an awesome show of country music.  I hope to hear these guys again some time soon.

     There were all kinds of food booths set up at the festival.  Judy tried a funnel cake.


     The starboard teak rail on the bow end had gotten away from us this year.  The varnish had some bubbles and peeled.  This made it necessary to completely strip and refinish that section.  With as many layers of deep varnish there, it would be a very time consuming process.  For those of you that have varnished teak exterior sections, you already know what I’m talking about. 

     George Grafer arrived aboard TIME OUT.  He has been in Marathon, FL this year and is making his way north to Charleston.  It was great to see him and visit with him again.

     On occasion, we are graced with a visit by some manatees.  They are a strange, but friendly creature.

      The RMHYC gang all gathered for a Potluck supper on dock 13.  Rita fixed and cooked a ham.  The pitch-in items included beans, scalloped potatoes, and lots of other goodies. 


     At the moment, we are planning our summer travels.  Our choice is to travel to Texas and then work our way in the pickup truck to Alaska and points west.  I joined AAA to get travel planning tools, maps, and guides.  The closest office is in Savannah, GA, which is a bit more than an hour drive.

     Upon our return, we enjoyed cocktails aboard AMARSE with Don and Ellen (SIRIUS ENDEAVOR), our dock neighbors.


     The intense work on the teak continued again today.  We finished stripping the forward rail.  It had to be scrubbed, cleaned, brightened, and rubbed with a light coat of teak oil to bring up the color.  After all had dried out, the first coat of Schooner varnish, which had been thinned with 10 percent solvent, was brushed on.  The rest of the rails had been scuff sanded and cleaned.  A full strength coat was applied to them.

     More trip planning using the vast array of material from AAA.  At times, it can be frustrating using their materials since they seem to yield to the advertisers quite heavily.  With perseverance, we will succeed.


     Judy walked with Haldine (DARLING) this morning. 

     Terry and Peggy arrived here this afternoon on MORE ATTITUDE.  We used up most of our day doing a lot more work on the varnish brightwork.


     Once again, we did lots more work on the varnishing project.  For dinner, Judy made her wonderful Chicken Breast in fresh mushroom sauce served with savory rice.  The corn on the cob was quite good.




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