Fred Reed and Judy Law:


     Allow me to introduce to you the crew of "AMARSE".

     The captain is Fred Reed and his wonderful mate is Judy Law.  Fred and Judy are true soul-mates that enjoy living life to its fullest.  They have traveled much of the world together, shared numerous adventures, and found countless ways to enrich each others lives.

  For well over a decade, they have been sharing and experiencing the pleasures of many, many nautical adventures throughout the eastern US and Gulf coast areas.


  Ironically, and quite fortunately, we met each other at a very special marina at Key Allegro, Texas. Our love, as well as a shared interest in boating and adventure, has brought us much joy in these many years.

    Judy is a very experienced boater.  She has owned and operated numerous different boats, both power and sail, for many years.  She is always "ready, willing, and able" to share and assist in all facets of our nautical adventure.  Working and/or playing together is always a great joy.  

    We both enjoy zipping around and exploring in the dinghy.