NEWS 2009

FLASH!!! 12/04/09

AMARSE is in the Bahamas.  After a successful and very enjoyable voyage from Brunswick, Georgia, we have settled into our winter home in the Abaco Islands at ABACO BEACH RESORT and BOAT HARBOUR MARINA.  Located in Marsh Harbour, we will be sharing and enjoying all the wonderful people and exciting times of the ROYAL MARSH HARBOUR YACHT CLUB.

  Of course, we have had a terrific summer of adventure and travel.  We've have had wonderful times with both of our families and friends. Now, we are poised to reacquaint our lifestyle with island times.

In this more relaxed atmosphere, I will be preparing the comprehensive update editions of the adventure logs of our summer.  We have lots of pictures and lots of interesting stuff to share.  Please be patient with me as it takes a lot of time and effort to organize this much info.  We hope to hear from you and hope you enjoy what we have to offer.  Thanks for joining us!



FLASH!!! 10/12/09

AMARSE is being prepared for her next trip to the Bahamas at Brunswick Landing Marina in Georgia.

  We have had a terrific summer of adventure and travel.  We have had wonderful times with both of our families.  We also visited with friends in Texas and Mississippi.

The highlight of our adventures was a two month trip to the South American countries of Peru and Ecuador.  We visited lots of places and, of course, took lots of pictures.  As time permits, I will be organizing more updates chronicling the spectacular sights.  Please be patient as we are just so busy that I haven't had time yet.  

We still have a two week trip planned to Guatemala.  That should provide even more items of interest to add to the logs.

For now, the logs are updated and published through 06/30/2009.

Stay tuned in to the AMARSE website for continuing updates and lots of pictures.


FLASH!!! 04/22/09

AMARSE is safe and sound in her berth at Brunswick Landing Marina in Georgia.  We had a delightful crossing back to the USA and although we already miss the Abacos, it is nice to be back too.

Our plans are still in flux and we are still cleaning up the boat after the journey.  

Our cell phones have been turned back on so give us a call if you like.

More to follow...


FLASH!!! 03/29/09

 Judy, and Fred aboard AMARSE have departed the Abaco Beach Resort and Boat Harbour Marina for the season.  With a certain sadness, we bade farewell to all the fabulous RMHYC cruisers that are still enjoying their lifestyle and the  extended hospitality of the Marina.  Many others have already headed out for their Atlantic Gulfstream crossing.

AMARSE is currently at Man-O-War cay having some scheduled, preventative maintenance performed at Edwin's Boatyard.

We hope to be back in the water by April 1st.  Our plan is to look for a calm weather window to return to the US at Florida's east coast.  Hopefully, we will be back in telephone contact before the middle of April.  Our internet capability will be very sporadic until we reach Brunswick, Georgia in the month of May.

We are still trying to decide what our plans will be for the summer months.  If you have any great suggestions, please let us know.

If you have been enjoying these update editions, please drop us an email letting us know.   

Thanks and Lots of Love,

Fred and Judy



If you have any suggestions, please let us know.