UPDATE#28 09/09 thru 09/30   

Howdy Everybody,

The adventures of 2008 from 1/1/08 through 09/08/08 have been published on the website.  We continue with the latest edition.

 UPDATE 2008 #28   09/09/08 thru 09/30/08

At last update, we had just returned to AMARSE docked in Brunswick, Georgia. 


09/09/08      TUESDAY   BRUNSWICK, GA

HAPPY 10TH BIRTHDAY to AUSTIN WAYNE REED (Fred’s #1 Grandson)(BTW, He is definitely AWESOME!!!!!)

      It is great to be back aboard our beloved AMARSE; Home-Sweet-Home.  We checked over the boat carefully and were pleased that she had been such a good gal while we were gone.  Our friends had been kind to put on a couple of extra lines when the big blow was expected.  Fortunately, Brunswick was spared when the swirling low moved north and away from here.  Hurricane Hannah had brought extra high tides and only tropical storm force winds that did not cause very much damage to the area.  Without the length of time or continuous pounding, the heavy-duty floating docks held everything securely.  AMARSE is very strong and very well constructed.

     After being away for nearly six weeks, we had to make a few shopping runs to re-supply and re-stock the barren refrigerator and depleted larder.  Our shopping list included a few items to go along with tonight’s dinner.  Paul and Sue Graham invited us back to ODYSSEY for an evening get-together featuring Vidalia Burgers and fresh veggies grilled by the “Master of the Spatula”, Captain Paul.  It is wonderful to be back with our friends again.  We have missed them very much.



     Unfortunately, my camera is off being repaired by the Geek Squad at Best Buy.  I am guessing that the supply of pictures will be far fewer in this update than usual.  Most of the time, I carry my trusty digital camera right in my pocket to be ready for the opportunistic snap of the shutter.  Somehow, I am forgetting to dig out Judy’s camera for the backup.

     I am making progress on the picture files and Log Updates from our Peru trip.  It is a daunting task and I anticipate a lot of time-consuming work is ahead.

     Judy and Sue had fun looking at all the new beads that Judy recently added to her stash.  I bet they have lots of artistic juices flowing through their veins as they plan their next bunch of eye-catching creations.  They both do such incredibly beautiful crafts.



     Although we are fortunate to have a nice Farmers’ Market next to the marina, the selection is very slim in comparison to what we’ve seen over the last month or so in Peru.  Judy picked out a few, choice red tomatoes that I am looking forward to sinking my teeth into.

     In the early evening, we piled into the car and headed to Darien, Georgia located about 20 miles north.  Dinner was planned at Mud Cat Charlie’s Restaurant.  This has been one of our favorite places during the last couple of years.  The food is very good, the river scenery at their marina location is pretty, and we all enjoy the casual atmosphere of waterfront dining.  Thanks, Paul and Sue.



     With the anticipation that Hurricane Ike might slam the Gulf coast, gasoline prices have been skyrocketing due to fears of damages to offshore rigs and refineries that could result in lengthy shortages.  Prices jumped over $1 per gallon in some places in just one day.  Seems to me that they can come up with just about any reason to significantly drive up the prices.  

     Dave and Barb Bluto are back on CHABLIS after their trip to the Carolinas.  They invited us to join them at a Japanese Drum concert being held at the local college campus.  When we arrived, we grabbed up the last few remaining seats.  The highly demonstrative percussion show was very enjoyable.  Lasting only an hour, we would have enjoyed even more of the rhythmic beat.  Thanks, Dave and Barb



     This was a day that we had been looking forward to for a while now.  Our very good friend, Ivor Nathan, wheeled up to the Brunswick Landing Marina astride his shiny new motorcycle.  The glistening, silver Honda ST1300 was nothing less than gorgeous.  I have always admired the sleek and sporty lines of that sport/touring model.  All dressed in black, Ivor exuded the aura of today’s upscale motorcycle enthusiast.  Having been riders for many years, Judy and I felt the pangs of envy seeping into our psyches. 

     Ivor and Susan have been traveling for months in their luxurious motor home.  Having left Florida, they traveled the eastern mountains to Kentucky, then west to the Dakotas, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Utah, Arizona, Arkansas and Texas.   It was in Arkansas that he decided to trade-in his Suzuki Burgman for his new sporty ride.  We sure wished that Susan could have joined him here too.  She had to drive the Jeep back to Florida while he maneuvered the two-wheeler from Arkansas to Brunswick.  We have remained great friends since we met them at Waterford, NY on our Great Loop adventures.

     Lunch at the Longhorn Steakhouse was scrumptiously delicious.  Thanks Ivor.

     Evening cocktail time was very enjoyable on the covered sundeck aboard AMARSE.  Jimmy and Betsy (SIMPLY SOUTHERN), and Sue Graham (ODYSSEY), joined the three of us to reminisce about the good times on their America’s Great Loop adventures.  We were thoroughly enjoying our drinks and snacks until the “No-See-Um’s” decided that it was their snack time too.  After a few to many bug chomps on our legs, we closed ourselves into the saloon of AMARSE.  The movie, My Cousin Vinny, had us laughing until bedtime.  I think Ivor was quite comfortable sleeping in the forward berth.


09/14/08   SUNDAY   BRUNSWICK, GA 


     Ivor decided to continue his motorcycle journey south today.


  We had hoped he could stay for a couple of days but a careful check of the weather revealed the threat of thunderstorms over the next few days.  Nobody that I know likes to ride in the rain.  Although we were disappointed to have our time with him shortened, we understood his concerns.  The rumors of possible gas shortages added to his list of possible detriments.  We cleaned and polished his windscreen, packed his saddlebags, and wished him good trip before he zoomed off for the asphalt jungle.  At least Sunday traffic will be more cooperative and comfortable for the rider.  My advice to Ivor was to "...always keep the silver side up and the rubber side down".


     Dave and Barb (CHABLIS) were hosting another of their fabulous Shrimp and Oyster Roasts this evening.


  I had made up a fresh tomato, cucumber, black olive, crab leg, pepperoni, mozzarella, red pepper, green pepper, roasted garlic, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar salad.  Yummy.


     Dave assumed the position at the barbeque grill to skillfully roast a half-bushel of oysters.


  Having been taught by Dave last time, I helped to pry open the shells revealing the succulent, juicy morsels.  I must admit that shucking the oysters also put me in a very advantageous position enabling me to snatch a taste test at my very whim.

     There were pounds of jumbo, Wild Georgia Shrimp that were readied for shrimp cocktails.  More pounds of the local crustaceans had been carefully skewered and were sizzling alongside the oysters.  Now this, my friends, is what good southern living is all about. 

     Robert and Carolyn Wilson (SEA ISLAND GIRL), Henry and Susan McCoy (MAKUAHINI), Paul and Sue Graham (ODYSSEY), Wayne and Leslie, Wayne and Louise, Bob Updegrave (RADIO WAVES), a couple from dock 10, Jimmy Ethridge and Betsy Harris (SIMPLY SOUTHERN), and Fred and Judy (AMARSE) all participated with an assortment of dishes featuring their favorite specialties to accent the feast. 

     Judy, Jimmy, and Betsy were having a great time.  The RMHYC event burgee was proudly displayed here on the dock.


     Even with lots of shrimp still available, Paul could not resist the chance to snitch one of those tasty brownies.  I think they might be his favorite sweet.


     Commodore Robert Wilson was having a wonderful time with the Past-Commodore and birthday guy, Dave Bluto.


     Carolyn Wilson is a talented artist and writer.  She read aloud from the terrific card that she created especially for Dave’s birthday.  Her prose is always so cleverly written and delightfully delivered.


     Light the candles on the cake and sing another chorus of the birthday song. We were all singing loudly, Happy Birthday To You, Dave.


     With this wonderful grouping of our members and guests, it was like another Royal Marsh Harbour Yacht Club extravaganza right here in Brunswick. 


     Everyone certainly had plenty of good stuff to eat (and, later, so did the No-See-Um’s).  Thanks, Dave and Barb.



     At 5:30pm, Henry and Sue McCoy, Jimmy and Betsy, and Judy and I were graciously welcomed aboard SEA ISLAND GIRL.  Robert, Carolyn Wilson, and their dog, Maggie, made this evening another to add to our list of fond memories during our summertime in Brunswick.  It is this kind of friendship and fellowship that makes us honored to be a part of the RMHYC family.



     I think I am becoming obsessed, as well as overwhelmed, with the task of preparing the Log Updates.  I seem to work continuously from early in the morning until extremely late into the night.  The effort is extremely time consuming.  We are pleased that so many are taking their valuable time to share our adventure tales.  We sincerely hope that folks will thoroughly enjoy what we have to offer. 

     Judy, Betsy, and Sue gathered to create masterpieces of their jewelry artistry.  These gals make fabulous necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.  I don’t mind admitting that I don’t know much about jewelry, however, I do know that this is some very nice stuff.  Youz galz are jez so kool, yaz makez me drool like a silly ol’ fool.

     Worries are escalating around the country as the stock market and economy are taking huge hits and getting quite bad.  It appears that we are in for some increasingly hard economic times ahead.  Combined with runaway gas prices, we are all rethinking our approach to everything.

     The grill unit on our dock is all rusted out and trashed so the nice grill on dock 4 was fired up for our dinner.  We skewered some veggies, including mushrooms, onions, and peppers, for grill roasting.  Links of Lee Smoked Pork Sausage (made in Georgia) and some Johnsonville Polish Sausages were browning alongside the skewers.  Judy liked the Lee brand best and I preferred the polish style.  It was all wonderfully delicious.



     Another day of steady concentration had another update, #15, ready to be published to the website.

     With a definite “go” for our friends’ wedding date, we made internet reservations for us to fly to San Antonio for several weeks in October.  Jacksonville, Florida is slightly less than an hour drive away and provides an economical departure point to most cities.  Continental Airlines will take us through Houston to our destination on October 1st.

     We had the pleasure to visit ODYSSEY to see the new carpeting.  It should look real nice with the re-upholstery work that they are planning.  Paul and Sue certainly have a lovely home aboard their Great Harbour 37.



     The Magic Moments Beauty Makeover Salon was opened to trim Sue’s hair.  After making Sue look gorgeous, Judy inadvertently flicked her finest pair of scissors right over the edge of the dock and into the water.  Oops!


     While I worked on updates, the bargain hunting gals scurried off to the mall.  When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping.

     A bunch of the gals from various docks gathered to attend a pottery workshop class in historic downtown Brunswick.  I wasn’t feeling particularly great tonight so I missed out on the boys’ night out at the Oyster Shack Restaurant.



     Paul came over to AMARSE this morning equipped with a cartload of diving gear.  He suited up for the underwater search in the “Saga of the Sunken Scissors”.


    In the chilly, murky waters, the search was to no avail.  The illusive opposing blades are now and forever relegated solely to snipping the curly locks of King Neptune and his bevy of mermaids.


     The marina is located in the midst of a thriving tidal estuary.  The fertile waters provide plenty of prolific plant life for the various marine creatures.  Unfortunately, there is an overabundance of plant and sea-life growth that subsequently chooses to attach to the bottoms of our boats.  A diver with a scraper can be kept busy removing the tenuous stuff from the hull.  Paul actively scraped and brushed until the bottom of ODYSSEY was as smooth as a baby’s butt.  The boat will get much better speed and fuel efficiency without all that drag resistance.  The long, yellow hose is attached to an electric compressor unit.  He will have plenty of air without the cumbersome interference of a heavy scuba tank. 


     The major event for Brunswick tonight was the scheduled appearance of the US Navy Band, “Country Current”, at the Mary Ross Park.  Adjacent to our marina, the group had set up a fabulous sound system.  We arrived about 6:15p so we could have our pick of the best seating location for our lawn chairs.  The familiar melodies of Faith Hill and Tim McGraw were clearly and richly emanating from the awesome speaker arrangement.  At 7pm, the Mayor proclaimed that the cloud-filled skies would not dampen our enthusiasm and all unanimously agreed.  The white uniformed band members brought everyone to their feet with a rousing rendition of the National Anthem.  They proceeded to open the show with an absolutely wonderful tune made popular by Tim McGraw.


     Contrary to the Mayor’s decree, the skies decided to simultaneously open their display of showers.  Reluctantly, the band announced that they could not safely continue their concert with these electrical instruments and equipment.

     Seeking shelter from the increasing intensity of the rain, most of the crowd hunkered under the covered sheds of the Farmers’ Market area.  Everyone was delighted when the band announced that they would entertain us with an acoustic, Blue Grass music session.  They played and sang their repertoire of hill country music tunes for nearly an hour.


  It was fun and enjoyable, however, it could not overshadow our disappointment in missing out on the absolutely fabulous musical event that had been planned.  Some day soon, I hope that I will get to hear these talented musicians perform in all their glory.

     After the concert, we had a nice opportunity to continue our visit with Jimmy, Betsy (SIMPLY SOUTHERN), and a few of their visiting friends from Georgetown, SC.



     In some ways, it was an absolute fantastic day.  The weather was nothing less than fabulous.


     The young folks from the local sailing group were taking full advantage of the lovely breeze to skillfully maneuver their agile craft around the markers.


     In other ways, it was a sad day for us.  Our wonderful friends, Paul and Sue, will be heading south in ODYSSEY. 

     As agreed, we were there to help them get ready to get underway.  There was plenty for them to do.  They had to lower their dinghy, load up the motor scooter, and reset the dinghy topside.  Moving from dock #4 to dock #1 gave them more room to accomplish the equipment juggling act.


     Slacking the starboard dock lines permitted the wind to hold ODYSSEY just far enough off the pier to provide adequate space for hoisting the skiff.


     With everything set, the final line was slipped at 11:25am.  It will be many months before we have another opportunity to enjoy their warm smiles and their friendly companionship.  Until then, we wish them Bon Voyage, Bien Viaje, and Good trip!


     The race was going strong as ODYSSEY headed out for the river.  Carefully maneuvering so as not to interfere, it was like threading a needle to make way through the competitive sailing event.


     A quick visit to the Farmers’ Market showed a paltry display of picked-over goods.  Nothing there seemed exciting enough to loosen our purse strings.

     It was already 2pm when we arrived at Jekyll Island.  This weekend was the annual Wild Georgia Shrimp ‘N Grits Festival held on the beautiful grounds of the historic Jekyll Island Hotel and Resort.


     Jimmy and the gals from Georgetown, SC were in a long line for the shrimp concession stand when we found them.  Betsy, as you might guess, had scurried off seeking some spur of the moment shopping opportunities. There were an almost unlimited number of interesting booths scattered throughout the grounds.


     Due to our later arrival, we had been unable to attend the main competition event featuring an accomplished group of chefs in the amateur class.  We were on time for an entertaining and informative cooking demonstration by a professional chef.  Currently, he is an instructor in the culinary arts department of a South Georgia college.  Formerly, he was an instructor at the Culinary Institute of New England in Vermont.  The famous TV chef, Alton Brown, of Food Network fame, was one of his former students.

      Assisted by his daughter, an aspiring chef following in her father’s footsteps, they prepared the event signature dish, Shrimp and Grits in a Creole style.  The opportunity to sample their creation proved it to be a taste sensation.


     An event that drew a very large crowd was the “Flying Frisbee Dogs”.  The trained dogs would race furiously across the field area and leap to catch a whirling Frisbee in midair.


  It was quite interesting to watch the various different styles of throwing, catching, and retrieving.


     We had hoped that the onstage, live music groups would be fun.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t seem to get very excited by their blaring renditions that, to us, seemed to sound more like hammering noise than music.


     Anticipating the onslaught of No-See-Um’s at dusk, combined with our lack of enthusiasm for the bands, we headed back to the comfort of AMARSE.  Obsessed with the log updates, I foolishly continued work until 2:30am.  That was much too late and I was much too tired.  Get a grip, boy!




     Today was a maintenance day aboard AMARSE.  Along with various assorted chores, we replaced the automatic float switch in our shower sump.  The pump can be operated either automatically by the float switch or manually by holding a spring-loaded toggle to the ON position.  I could not repair the faulty float and we made a run to our local West Marine store for a replacement.

     Every two weeks or so, the main engines and auxiliary generator are run to circulate the oils and fluids.  The transmissions get exercised in both forward and reverse, which also helps to bring the engines up to normal operating temperatures.  Electrical power is transferred from Shore Power to Ship’s Power to load the generator and circulate the coolants and fluids in the air conditioning system. 

     Of course, much of the day and evening were occupied with the continuing preparations of pictures, logs, and updates.




     We spent a lot of time today planning, organizing, and arranging for our trip to Texas.  The cell phones were busy with lots of calls, including those to doctors and dentists for annual checkups, lab work, and office appointments.

     A beautiful, pork tenderloin was the chosen meal for tonight.  I wrapped the meat with strips of bacon before placing it on the preheated grill.  Although I had planned to grill it to 135 degrees F, it managed to creep up to 140 F before I yanked it off.  I was having such a good time yakking with the dock neighbors that I lost track of time.  Using a trick I garnered from a Food Network show, I wrapped the tenderloin in foil and let it rest for 20 to 30 minutes.  The pork will continue to cook from its own retained heat and the internal temperature continued to rise to 155-160 degrees F.  Thinly sliced and dipped in a little bit of applesauce, the tender bites were juicy and tasted excellent.  Some sliced, fresh tomatoes and cucumbers from the local Farmers’ Market provided the perfect accents.  Next time, however, I will attempt to be more vigilant and try to pull it from the grill at 135 F, letting it rise to only 150-155 F.



     Judy was a very busy girl today.  Of course, she started her morning routinely with a 3 or 4 mile, brisk walk consistent with her exercise plan.  She stacked her rolling cart with of the laundry stuff and lugged it off to the washers and dryers at the marina facility.  Having completed that chore, making the bed, and cleaning up the boat, she proceeded to start her sanding project on the teak wood rails of AMARSE.  I don’t know what was in her coffee this morning but, somehow, someway, she managed to muster enough energy to clean the carpet.  As you can tell, Judy takes great pride in her home aboard AMARSE and she is always actively pursuing ways to make our lives and lifestyle even better and more comfortable.  I guess it’s no wonder that I love this gal so very much. 



     Today was my day to be Mr. Fix-it.  I started with the repair of a light fixture in the aft cabin.  The electronic control and alarm system for the propane stove and tank solenoid has been malfunctioning.  Although the sensor was the culprit and source of the problems, there are no replacement parts available for that obsolete model.  Having purchased and received the entirely upgraded replacement system manufactured by Xintex, I commenced to install the unit.  It required completely rewiring the panel leads and control unit.  Another trip to the local West Marine store and we had the properly gauged wire for the job.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to get the whole process completed.  Oh well, tomorrow is another day.



     Work continued on the installation of the new propane control.  To accommodate the redesign of the main switch panel, the modification required us to buy a 2-1/8 inch hole-saw to cut through the solid teakwood panel.  Complicating matters, I hurt my back trying to lift a heavy tool bag out of an aft locker.  As usual, Judy was there to help at every stage of the way and cheerfully cleaned up the mess afterward.  At the end of the day, it was a nice, clean, safe, and efficient method to manage the propane supply.

     To test the operation of the stove, I cooked up a nice pot of homemade chili and it was good.  Judy went with Betsy to another session of the pottery making classes.  She brought home her pottery project.  It was a beautiful, square plate featuring a beach scene and she had personalized it with AMARSE inscribed in the finished glaze.  It was very, very nice; she does such great craft work.

     My back was really bothering me so I stayed on AMARSE while Judy walked over to SIMPLY SOUTHERN for the evening to visit with Jimmy and Betsy.  They are hosting friends, Stan and Annie from KOPAPELLI lying in Jacksonville, Florida.



     Even though my back was making life uncomfortable, I continued my work on the pictures and log updates.  Again, Judy was feeling chipper and after her morning exercise walk, she cleaned up the boat and applied a smooth coat of varnish to the teak rails.

     During the afternoon, she headed to the mall for a big sales event at Belk’s Department Store.  She got some great bargains with some new shirts and shorts for me.  Thanks, Judy.  Later, she even managed some time for jewelry making.

     Tonight was the first of the Presidential candidate debates between John McCain and Barrack Obama.  Oh, oh, oh my gosh; I think this country could be aiming for troubled times ahead.



     Judy took Betsy to the shopping mall to look for more bargains and, guess what, they found them.  Both of them came back with bags of nice stuff for their men.  They reported that girls’ lunch out was very good too.

     During her morning walk, Judy noticed a couple of Dahon folding bicycles for sale on dock #6.  Upon inquiring, the husband said yes, however, the wife said that she thought she had already sold them to some friends.  Later, Judy was somewhat surprised when the man came over and told her that those friends had changed their mind and she could have them if she wanted.  She bought them and now they are snug in their canvas bags on the sundeck of AMARSE awaiting their use in the Bahamas.

     At 5:15p, three carloads of us headed south to the riverfront summer home of Betsy’s friend, Hap.


    Hap is a retired US Navy Captain.  He and Betsy grew-up and went to school in the same town in Mississippi.


     The place was tranquil and very lovely sitting peacefully at the waters’ edge.  Fortunately, a big box fan helped keep the No-See-Ums at bay.  We had a great time visiting and chatting with all the nice folks.



     At last, a lazy morning was all ours to sleep in and rest.  We enjoyed just lying around relaxing until the unheard of time of 9:45am.  After all, it is a Sunday morning and we’ve earned the rest.

     I have been having technical problems with my website and publishing program.  I guess the extra rest helped, as I was able to figure out the root problems and correct the situation.  Judy and Betsy headed off to pick up some groceries and related stuff.

     I made up a big bowl of fresh salad fixin’s that included lots of shrimp.  This was for the cocktail party tonight on dock #8. We were amazed at how many folks showed up for the impromptu soiree.  Maybe I’m not exactly sure by whom, why, or how the event was conceived but, then again, who really cares as long as we were invited and it was fun.  Perhaps that is one of the great things about cruisers, most times they don’t need a special excuse to enjoy life because they are already busily enjoying it each and everyday.



     I was awake very early and up working on the log updates.  I guess I’m feeling some pressure to get more done because we will be leaving here for Texas in a few days.  Once there, we will have only very limited and occasional access to the internet.

     Judy was busy packing up lots of stuff to take to Texas, stuff that we just don’t use that often.  When you live on a boat, storage space is at a premium and you can’t have a lot of extra stuff hanging around unused.

     We helped Bob and Joanne Updegrave get RADIO WAVES underway from their slip at dock #5.  We waved goodbye and hoped we would have more opportunities to see them again.  They motored off in the direction of Palm Coast, Florida.  Alas, we have been unsuccessful in convincing them to join so many of us in the Bahamas this year.  We will miss their smiling faces and kind, fun-loving personalities.

     Somehow, a group of us decided to have a “Pitch In”.  For those of you unfamiliar with the term, it means the same as a Pot Luck supper.  Several years ago, our dear friends from HAPPY CLAMZ, Doug and Leslie Folkerth, were the first to acquaint us with the unique term.

     Since the grill works great on dock #4, we decided to hold it at the outside tables over there.


  I grilled this great, bacon-wrapped pork loin.


  Judy and Barb each marinated big slices of summer squash to be grilled.


  Jimmy and Betsy came with lots of sausages and beef tips to be served with their corn on the cob.  Dave and Barb brought other veggies and a big, homemade cherry pie.  Now, if that doesn’t make your mouth water, I don’t know what would.


     When everybody was full to the brim, we chatted and relaxed together over a few sips of wine.  Dave and Barb Bluto told us stories about their wonderful trip this summer to the Tuscany region of Italy.


     The “Pitch-In” was such a lot of fun.  I’m sure glad we had this evening together because Jimmy and Betsy are leaving Brunswick in the morning.  With SIMPLY SOUTHERN heading west for Mississippi and AMARSE heading east for the Bahamas, I feel that it will be much too long before we will have another opportunity to be with them.  They have become such dear, valued, and loved friends.


09/30/08     TUESDAY    BRUNSWICK, GA

     By the time we woke up at 8am, Jimmy and Betsy were already underway in SIMPLY SOUTHERN.  They plan to ease their way south to the St. Johns River and cruise the inland waters past Jacksonville toward Sanford, Florida.  If Lake Okeechobee has opened back up, they will cross to the west coast of Florida in mid October.  Their cruise destination will be the Biloxi area of Mississippi.  We are going to miss them very much. 

     Judy did several loads of laundry and finished packing our bags for the Texas trip.  I worked feverishly on log updates and managed to publish through Update #20 on the website.

     To keep AMARSE safe and happy while we are away, we topped off the batteries, ran the engines, generator, and transmissions.  We closed all the intake through-hull valves, closed the fuel tank valves, closed the propane valves, repaired the fitting on the fresh water pump, and added extra forward and aft spring lines to back up the security.  Even the ice machine had to be drained and cleaned.  Perishable foods had to be discarded to avoid spoilage.  AMARSE was ready except for a few final items left for the early morning.  It was quite late at night before we were finally able to rest our heads on the pillows.  Ahhh, this bed is so comfortable.





     This concludes this edition of the AMARSE Update logs.  We hope you will join us again soon for more of our activities.



       We sincerely hope that you will review the previous years of compilations to give context to the current editions.  Please let us know if you have any special suggestions and thoughts.

     REMEMBER:  The website is now fully active and you can visit it at any time.  You can review any of the 2006, 2007, or the upcoming 2008 logs and learn more about the crew and our plans.  Enjoy.



   You may contact us via email anytime.

Thanks for allowing us to share our life and adventures with you.

Lotsa Luv,

Fred Reed and Judy Law



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