UPDATE# 2 01/16 thru 01/24/08

Howdy Everybody,

The new adventures of 2008 from 1/1/08 through 1/15/08 have published on the website.  We continue with the latest edition, UPDATE 2008 # 02.


 UPDATE 2008 #02   01/16/08 through 01/24/08.

     Welcome back to the new Adventures of the trawler AMARSE.  At last update, we were at our winter home at ABACO BEACH RESORT and BOAT HARBOUR, in sunny Marsh Harbour, Abacos, Bahamas.  AMARSE, and her crew, loves this clean, clear water and sunshine.



     Judy set off with the morning Walk N’ Talk group for their daily 4-mile exercise time.  For breakfast, I made Coconut Pancakes using coconut rum in the batter.  Our friend, Joe DeMaris, was busy working with Bodie, the local diesel mechanic, installing a new fuel injector pump on his Westerbeke engine.  Everyone is totally shocked at the component part price for this little item.

     I occupied most of my day trying to keep my left leg elevated to reduce the swelling.  I will be glad when this thing finally heals and I can get back to normal.  It is amazing that a fall of just a few inches could cause this much of a problem.  Carlos Santana, a world famous guitarist, produced several DVD’s of live performances from Montreaux in 2004.  This 3 DVD set features Bobby Parker, Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown, and Buddy Guy.  These guys can really belt out those Chicago and Delta Blues sounds.

     The evening conch horn blowing and cocktail hour was well attended even with the chilly temperatures hovering in the mid 60’s.  Laugh if you will, however, we all donned long sleeved outwear.



     After a supper of hot dogs with baked potatoes, we watched more of the Sopranos Season 1 DVD series.






     The girls got together to do jewelry making.  This is such a great group that have become dear and valued friends.  I can’t think of any time in my life when we’ve had more friends and activities to join in with.

     The warm afternoon sun and temperatures in the high 70’s made our swim in the resort pool an extra treat.

     A surprise birthday party and potluck dinner was organized by Robert to celebrate Carolyn’s birthday. 





     Carolyn looks over the wide variety of generous dinner offerings on the buffet line.



     Don (CENTER), Robt and Carolyn’s boat guest from Atlanta, had a great visit here in the Abacos and was all smiles at the event.  Roger (L) and Jacki (R) from PELICAN look on too.




     Carolyn enjoys a special “Corona Moment” talking with friends.






     Connie and Galen Siler (R-JOY) had fun at the party.



     Robert Wilson had this cake especially made and decorated by a Bahamian woman here in Marsh Harbour.  The pineapple cake was moist and delicious and the frosting was yummy. 



     Chuck Greenwood’s wife was here visiting this week aboard his sailboat (SOPHISTICATED LADY).  Chuck is a pastor at a local church and his wife usually resides in Tampa.  She treated Carolyn to a little puppet show to add to the celebration.



     I love this picture of Robert and Carolyn cutting the birthday cake.  They are such a joy to be with and we are always delighted to be with them.



     Milton Neitsch (OUR WAY) finishes every crumb on his cake plate while his wife Jimmie looks on. I’d be willing to bet that he’s headed back for another sliver.



     Dennis Krakow and Margo Caldy (PIZZAZZ) satisfied their hankering for something sweet.



     After returning to AMARSE, we finished up Season 1 of the Sopranos DVDs.




     Once again, we were treated to a very nice day.  Over coffee, we chatted with Milton and Jimmie Neitsch (OUR WAY).  Of course, Judy did her exercise routine.

     The group held a book exchange at the palapa hut and it was easy to see that these bunches of folks are avid readers.  Most everyone found something to pique his or her interest.

     In an effort to promote healing, I tried to keep my leg elevated and rested.  It made for an excellent opportunity to listen to the Buddy Guy DVD performance from Montreaux in 2004.  I love that Blues music.

     Fran Ohlsen from SEA FOX came over to AMARSE and Judy cut her hair just the way she likes it.  I know you’ve heard it before, but Judy is just so talented in every way.  I sure am a lucky guy.

     Joe DeMaris rented a runabout boat from the local shop to take his family on a half-day cruise of White Sound, Hopetown, and Man-O-War Cay.  Although it was just a little too breezy for the dinghy, the runabout was perfect.

     I made a head start on cocktail hour pouring a tall one about 4pm.  I wanted to get practiced up for the actual cocktail hour on Dock 4 that started at 5:20pm.

     Our dinner featured leftover Pot Roast and Baked Potatoes.  The beginning episodes of Season 2 of the Sopranos commenced tonight.




     Judy joined a bunch of folks for the first annual “Walk for the Cancer Fund”.  They began by walking a mile to the Jib Room to sign up for the event and make their contributions.  From there, they completed the official walk of over 4 miles before returning to the finish line at the Jib Room.  By the time they got back to the marina, they had covered over 6 miles that morning.  I have no idea how she mustered enough energy to ride her bike to the grocery store to pick up supplies.

     It was a happy day aboard the ADAMAS DE MARIS.  Eileen Ambrosini, Joe DeMaris’ love and significant other, arrived in Marsh Harbour early this afternoon from New Jersey.  Joe has been in eager anticipation of her arrival.  It is easy to see that he misses her greatly when they are apart.

     Tim, friend of Joe, Jr. and Melody, also arrived today from Houston.

     I am still trying to protect that leg injury, however, I did manage a bit of a swim in the pool after a little nap.  For dinner, I made stuffed green peppers.








     It was a lovely and tranquil Sunday morning aboard AMARSE.  Judy stayed home from her walk today to allow us a morning together and to make a special breakfast of her famous French Toast.  Now let me tell y’all, that gal knows how to treat her man.

     A little bit of rain began to fall and the temperatures started to turn colder as the day went on.  After the frontal passage, the northerly winds were blustery and cool.

     I worked a lot on the first 2008 log update.  Judy put her sewing talents to work on making new covers for the sofa seat bolsters.  She also used her machine to stitch up a cushion and a new cover for the lower helm seat.  In matching fabric, everything looks so nice.

     Joe DeMaris and Eileen came over for a nice visit and it gave her the chance to tour AMARSE. 

     For dinner, it was a chilly night for a Chili supper.  According to Judy, I was a little over zealous with the hot stuff.  She prefers a milder version.







     Even though it was cool, damp, and windy, Judy showed her determination to do the morning stroll.  After a short rest, she pedaled her bike to town to obtain a foam tube part to finish making another bolster for the sofa seat.  She then sewed a sunbrella upholstery fabric cover to match the rest of the salon furnishings.  The sofa is much more comfortable and attractive now.  Thanks, Judy!

     I continued my work on the log updates.

     The effects of the cold front persisted today and gave Judy Williams (SHADE MOR) the idea to organize a “Game Day” at the Anglers’ Restaurant and Bar located here at the resort.




     Judy and I joined in the intensity of this high-rolling Farkle game.  Mary Coles (MASCOT) doesn’t seem all that happy with this particular roll.



     Once again, the bar staff was not sufficient to keep up the demand for thirst quenchers.  Robert Wilson, Commodore of the RMHYC, grabbed up a pad and pen to take the bar orders.  He may not have the cutest legs, however, he was a very efficient barkeep.  Strange as it may seem, nobody offered him a tip.  Jan Dennis and Brian Beckwith were glad to see Robert come by.



     The games lasted several hours, however, the time went by altogether too fast.  Before long , it was suppertime and the coolness of this evening seemed to lead our taste buds in the direction of these Chilidogs.





     When Judy returned from her walking group, we wandered around the docks and visited with various friends.  We decided to try Jamie’s Restaurant for lunch.  Numerous folks had recommended it and we had been waiting for a chance to visit.  Unfortunately, they were out of fresh fish.  We started out with a dozen Conch Fritters, followed by entrees of Chicken Strips with French Fries or Plantains.  Although it was ok, we won’t jump through hoops to return too soon.

     A plant boasting a bunch of chica bananas was spotted near the resort.



     Can you find beautiful flowers like this in January where you live?



     With the addition of a walk to the Skaggs Grocery, I knew that I had overdone it on my injured leg.  When will I ever learn.  A dip in the pool did help to ease some of the soreness.




     The website update that I published had a few glitches.  Seems that my program will only handle the maximum of 99 pictures in any single update edition.  After dropping a few pics and changing a few codes, I had the website up and running correctly.  Tim, the guest on ADAMAS DE MARIS, is a professional Webmaster.  I was pleased to have him review my website.  He gave me some nice compliments.  Thanks, Tim.

     As you can see by the dress code of the evening, the weather has warmed nicely for our evening cocktail party on Dock 4.




     Connie Siler (R-JOY) and Bette Bauereis (TARHEEL) discuss the finer points of the cruising lifestyle.





     It started off as a nice, calm, sunny day until afternoon showers lightly dampened the weather picture.  Following her morning walk, Judy made us those delicious slices of French Toast.

     While Judy attended to the chore of weekly laundry, I tackled the problem of finding disc space on the computer.  The update programs and files are literal hogs of hard drive space.  My available free space had been reduced to around 5 percent, which is much too low for efficient processing.  I freed the C drive by transferring files to both DVD discs and a backup external hard drive.  I am in constant fear that somehow I will loose my picture files. 

     The ADAMAS DE MARIS gathered her lines and set sail for Elbow Cay and Hopetown Harbour.  They should be back in a few days.  Even with all the computer work, I managed to work in a 2-hour nap.

     Our dinner was fantastic.  I pan grilled a couple of Tilapia loins and Judy made Fried Rice to go with it.  Wow!




     I made taquitos for breakfast while Judy took her morning walk.  A grocery store trip on her bicycle followed a short rest.

     The forecast warned that winds might freshen overnight and become a bit uncomfortable for the crew of ADAMAS DE MARIS.  By early afternoon, we received a VHF radio call requesting help with their dock lines.

     I made Stuffed Green Peppers for dinner tonight.

     As they settled in for the evening, I took this picture of the “Smilin’ DeMaris Family”.  That is Joe, Sr. (L), Joe, Jr. (C), and Melody (R) seated in the cockpit.



     Tim always has somekind of wild and cheerful story to share.



     A late night visit to the boisterous and well-lubricated crew of ADAMAS DE MARIS had us smiling and laughing.



     I especially liked this picture of the whole crew including Eileen and Joe, Sr.



     Tonight, we concluded Season 2 and began watching the first episodes of Season 3 of the Sopranos hit series.







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