UPDATE#15 05/04/2010   

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The adventures of 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, and thru 05/03/2010 have been published on the website.  We continue with the latest edition.

 UPDATE 2010 #15  05/04/2010

At last update, we were traveling on a Yucatan adventure in Mexico.  Welcome back to our continuing adventure…


     We enjoyed our included continental breakfast in the hotel café.  An unusual piece of art, hanging in the lobby of our Hotel Casa Lucia, fascinated me.  I visualized the scene where thousands of dogs have taken over the streets and the humans are relinquished to the rooftop in fear.  It brings, to my mind, thoughts and feelings that I have experienced at times at various marina docks where the dogs have seemingly taken precedence and stripped the sense of a peaceful life from the people.  I recall one eloquent observer viewing Marsh Harbour as, “the land of the barking dogs”.

     A capilla located in a small village north of Merida, near Dzibilchaltun.


     About 12 miles north of Merida, the site at Dzibilchaltun, also known as the Place of Inscribed Flat Stones, flourished from 1500 BC until the Spanish Conquest of the 1540’s.  It covered an area of about 10 square miles.  Archaeologists have identified approximately 800 structures.

     This remote site has only infrequent visits by foreign tourists.  We had complete freedom to roam, climb, and thoroughly enjoy the tranquility and peaceful aspects of the buildings and temples.

     Numerous structures, identified by numbers, exist in various states of restoration.

     Structure 44 is one of the longest buildings to be found from the Mayan Empire.

     Ruins of a colonial open chapel… The church was erected for the Franciscan Missionaries between 1590 and 1600.

     Cenote Xlacah at Dzibilchaltun.  With the recordbreaking heatwave making front page headlines, these young people must have found the cenote a welcome respite.

     Various platform-mounted stelae can be found at the site…

     Temple of the Seven Dolls. (Templo de Las Siete Munecas)

     With the arrival of the vernal equinox, the morning sun rises with its rays shining through one window of the temple and out the other. This event verified the significance and power of the Mayan gods.  (Temple of the Seven Dolls viewed from the backside)

     A Sacbe stretches out from the main site to the Temple of the Seven Dolls at Dzibilchaltun.

     Beautiful flowers can be found along the sides of the sacbe…

     Our adventure carried us further north to the gulf coast at Progreso. 

     Due to the shallow characteristics of the shoreline, a very long pier has been constructed to handle ship traffic.

     Closed during this visit, we had to rely on our past memories of climbing the steps to the top of the lighthouse.

     Back at the Hotel Casa Lucia, the beautiful pool provided a welcome relief from the record-setting heat wave temperatures.

     Under the thatched roof, a comfortable sitting area offered comfort and tranquility at the poolside.

     With all this intense hot weather, a splash in the pool was very refreshing.

     The nicely air conditioned room felt great too…

     A friendly shopkeeper smiles after some tough bargaining.

     Iglesia near the Parque Santiago…

     For dinner, we went to Punta Y Coma.  Near the market section, we remembered their wonderfully flavorful “Caldo de Pavo” from past visits.  It consists of a rich, delicious consommé broth that is loaded with shredded white meat turkey. To eat, you sit on short stools crowded against counter tables.

     At 7pm, we went to the planetarium, located alongside the Plaza Grande.  It was interestingly presented, however, the narrative was totally in Spanish, making it somewhat difficult to follow.

     Our entertainment choice for this evening was at the Olimpo Cultural Complex of Merida.  As part of a cultural series, Tuesday nights are reserved for “Martes La Trovia”.  Tonight’s performance featured Trio Los Andariegos playing guitar renditions mixed with song.

      From that concert, we walked to the Plaza Santiago.  A Big Band was playing to a large street crowd of locals of all ages.  There was lots of dancing and partying going on.  It had been a long, hot day and we were ready to retire to the comfort of the bed at the Hotel Casa Lucia.




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