UPDATE#01 01/01 thru 01/15   

Howdy Everybody,

The adventures of 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009 have been published on the website.  We continue with the latest edition to start off the 2010 year.

 UPDATE 2010 #01  01/01/10 thru 01/15/10

At last update, we were in Boat Harbour in beautiful Marsh Harbour, Abacos.  Welcome back to the Bahamas…



     Judy and I begin this New Year with our sincerest wishes that your New Year will be filled with health, happiness, and prosperity.  It is our hope that the year will be endowed with wonderfully awesome adventures for all of us.  Most of all, we wish you LOVE…

     At Boat Harbour Marina, we started the year off with the traditional singing of Auld Lang Syne and hugs for each other.  Here in this marina, the RMHYC boaters are real family!


     The evening party of fun and dance had been on the M/V JOHN HENRY.  Wink and Wilma were fantastic hosts to the semi-rowdy group of revelers.  Everyone gathered on Dock 4 to raise his or her glasses high for the New Years champagne toast.  To add to the howling event, tonight was a full moon spectacle.


     Most of the folks spent the day reflecting on the past year, reviewing their resolutions, and contemplating all the wonderful aspects of the good life.  Our RMHYC Vice Commodore, Margo Caldy, and Dennis (PIZZAZZ), arrived here at Boat Harbour today.  Sure is good to have them here to start the New Year out right.

     At 5pm, we gathered at the picnic table area for heavy appetizers and cocktails. 


     The new picnic table area is perfect for this kind of get-together.  THANKS, Abaco Beach Resort and Boat Harbour Marina…


For an hour and a half, we enjoyed our friends until light rain sprinkles dampened the spirits.



     The cold front brought cool and very windy conditions.  Our original plan was to anchor off of Lubber’s Quarters Cay for the fireworks spectacle put on by the John Bull Company.  Two years ago, we were able to enjoy the front-row location for viewing.  With the forecasted winds, we opted to remain snugly tied in our slip.  Judy, Shirley (M/V TALLY HO), and Wilma (JOHN HENRY) enjoyed a jewelry afternoon in the protected bridge area of AMARSE.


     When we say “cool”, we only mean that temperatures have plummeted into the 60’s.  While some need to bundle up, Ed (M/V TALLY HO) shows no fear in his shorts.  He invited us over tonight for a Dominos match at 7pm.  The crews of HAPPY CLAMZ and LO QUE SE A were other privileged invitees for the Mexican Train games.



     We had wonderful guests for dinner tonight.  I spent much of the day preparing a special Bolognese Sauce to serve over pasta.  At 5:30pm, "Bones" (Wayne) and Lynn Flatt (SKINWALKER) arrived aboard AMARSE.  Lynnie brought a huge loaf of her fresh, homemade bread and Judy had made chocolaty brownies, drizzled with hot fudge and topped with whipped cream.  I have long been an admirer of Wayne’s writing talent.  It was a pleasure to be with them.

     At 9pm, Judy and I went to Angler’s Restaurant at the resort.  A very special group held a rousing jam session for the crowd.  Georgia and Dennis (NJORD), Judy (AMARSE), and Dennis and Margo (PIZZAZZ) await the music performance.


     The famous Brooks and Shane Band belted out hit after hit to the applause of all.  They really know how to entertain with lots of Kingston Trio tunes.  The band is in house for a special concert to benefit the pro-animal groups of the Abacos.  Their full concert will thrill scores of people in just a few days from now.



     Around here, friends help friends.  SEA ISLAND GIRL was having a problem with her water heater.  The circuit breaker would trip consistently.  Together with Ed Zellers (M/V TALLY HO), we did some effective troubleshooting that indicated a shorted element.  Ed had the tools and we were able to replace the element with a new one.  Robert and Carolyn will be happy again with on-demand, hot tap water.

     We’ve been keeping a close eye on ADAMAS DE MARIS for Joe.  The sunlight was just right for a nice picture from across the docks.


     Peek-A-Boo, I see you…



     My projects for the day centered on the dinghy.  One such item was the repair of the portable, battery operated navigation lights.  The salt environment plays havoc with contacts and switches.  A good bit of clean up and fresh dry cells had them beaming again.

     Judy put her seamstress talents to work making fabulous, new cushion covers for the main salon.  In gold tones and red palm highlights, they accent the divan beautifully.  She also stitched up some Sunbrella fabric to fit over our flag pennants.  With the frequent brisk breezes, the flags can flog themselves to shreds in no time flat.  Thanks, Judy!



     The morning started out cool and breezy.  As the wind diminished, the temperatures gradually warmed to present a perfect afternoon.  We have been waiting with eager anticipation for the 2nd Annual SLIPAWAY Garden Party.  We left the marina by bicycle at 2:30pm.  Other guests were biking, walking, taxiing, and vanpooling, with excited expectations for another super event.  Judy and I took a few minutes to enjoy the spectacular view over the Sea of Abaco.


     More than 130, very lucky invitees were the guests of Doug and Rhonda at the seaside home that fronts both sides of the Sea of Abaco.  At the entryway, this cool, bird fountain brings a smile to everyone’s face.


     Entertainment was by Clint Sawyer, a master of Caribbean style music.  He knows everybody’s favorite tunes.


     From the back deck, the view looks out over the Sea of Abaco toward Elbow Cay.


     The wait staff was very busy with tray after tray of hot appetizers.


     Around the pool deck area, tables were filled with trays of fruits, veggies, snacks, and even a chocolate fountain.  The lower bar was mixing up a variety of cocktails for the thirsty guests.


     The magnificent food trays included stone crab claws, tenderloin skewers, chicken kabobs, conch fritters, and even fresh, Bahamian lobster tails.  It was an unbelievable extravaganza of culinary delights.


     An upper deck bar served beer, wine, Bahama Mama Punch, and a fantastic, Coconut-Vodka drink.  More tables were overflowing with delicious treats.  Doug walked around passing out a box of imported, Cuban Cohiba cigars.  Fred (AMARSE), Wink (JOHN HENRY), and Mike (LIBATIONS IV) were among those to partake and to “savor the flavor”.


     The dancers exhibited their finest stepping moves across one of the patio decks.


     Frank and Mary (SEA SMOKE) hold glasses high, in honor and salute to the great life…


     A magnificent sunset topped the perfect afternoon with a colorful display that echoed everyone’s “THANKS” to Doug and Rhonda for their friendship and generosity.



     On Fridays, Judy meets with a group to learn, share, and express their artistic talents in watercolors.  I especially enjoy her pieces featuring sky and water wash techniques.

     A Dock 4 evening gathering was planned and assembled to celebrate the birthdays of Roger (TEAMWORK) and Paul G. (ODYSSEY).


     Sue G. (ODYSSEY) made the cake for Roger and enlisted Judy for a little help with the written inscription.


     Judy baked and artistically decorated this Chocolate Cake, slathered with coconut and fudge frostings, for Paul G.


     Roger (TEAMWORK), Judy (AMARSE), and Paul G. (ODYSSEY)…  Happy Birthday boys…


     Once they started cutting the cakes, even the crumbs didn’t last for very  long…


     Of course, cake wasn’t the only choice to accompany cocktails.  Lots of friends from Dock 3 came over to help celebrate.


     Leslie (HAPPY CLAMZ) was extremely happy since Red Velvet cake is her absolute favorite.

     I was able to complete and publish another edition to the website updates.  The entire process is very time consuming and I certainly hope everyone receives a good measure of enjoyment from the continuing efforts.



     It was very calm in the early morning hours.  All that would change drastically with the approaching Cold Front that was dropping temperatures toward the high 50’s.  My son, Doug, and his family were heading to Florida for the Disney experience.  Unfortunately, Florida will experience record-breaking low temperatures and even some periods of freezing rain in Orlando.  Knowing them, they'll still have lots of fun.

     Our dinner guests tonight were Fred and Sidonia (DOUBLE TROUBLE).  After lettuce wedge salads, I served Stuffed Green Peppers, jumbo slabs of fresh, cooked carrots, and seasoned rice.  Judy made Chocolate Chip cookies for dessert.  With after dinner drinks, we had a great evening chatting and just sharing time with wonderful folks.  Judy had the table set with the placemats that we brought from Guatemala.  Notice the divan pillows that Judy made; “What do you think?” 



HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my wonderful and beautiful daughter-in-law, LISA

     I called Lisa and sang the birthday song to her.  The requirement to listen to my singing is one of the “punishments” that must be endured for having the privilege of another birthday.  I LOVE YOU, LISA!!!   BTW, they are all safely at Disney World and having a great time. 



     I spent much of the day as “galley slave”, preparing base chili ingredients.  I also had a big chunk of beef in the crock-pot slow cooker.

    After her morning exercise routine, Judy set to work making a special apron for me to wear at the Annual RMHYC Chili Cook-off that will happen tomorrow night.  I will be competing with more than 30 other chefs for the coveted honors.  I’m very impressed with her apron handiwork.  It’s my guess that there will be lots of compliments.


01/12/10  TUESDAY

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my awesome Grand-Daughter, ASHLEY

     I tried to sing the birthday song to Ashley, but the phone connection was not good enough to make it work.  At least I was able to convey that I love her and wish her a happy day at “Mouse-ville”.

     The Big Day has finally arrived for the RMHYC Chili Cook-Off.  The event is open to only male chefs and is the feature party for the club every January.  The “combatants” have been busy honing their recipes and planning their strategies to find exactly the right combination for victory.  I started preparing yesterday and continued throughout today.  At 4:15pm, the chefs submitted their accomplishments for evaluation by the “impartial” panel of judges.

     Bones (Wayne) Flatt was attired in his finest pirate regalia.  Perhaps he hoped that some “swashbuckling intimidation” might persuade a favorable vote in return for a reprieve from the “stroll along the plank”.  Aarrghh, Matey…


     Andrew (S/V TALLY HO) sported a custom chef’s bonnet.  Debonair, for sure, but is chili really a traditional British dish?


     Carl (PUFFIN) and Wink (JOHN HENRY) had high hopes too.  Wilma made a uniquely designed cook's apron for Chef Wink.


     Senior member of the Distinguished Judging Panel, Peter, carefully and thoughtfully challenged his taste buds for the perfect mix of spices, texture, and consistency.


     Chef Frank (SEA SMOKE) and Chef David (JAFTICA) are probably feeling the intense competitive pressures of the moment.


     Chef Frank (SEA SMOKE) and Chef Fred (AMARSE)… Chefs Extraordinaire


     One effective way to deal with the stress of competition is to have a “drink”.  I’ll raise my glass to that…


     Much like the other 150 guests, Judy was eager to sample the many different varieties of Chili represented the range through Mild, Medium, Hot, and Unusual categories.


     Our amazing dockmaster, Chris, was totally committed in his quest to select the perfect concoction.  I sure hope he didn’t permanently burn out any delicate taste buds on those batches of “HOT”.


     During cocktail hour, the RMHYC’s World Famous “OPEN BAR” lathered the famished guests into a heightened “Chili Lovers” frenzy…


     The decisions are final; the judges have spoken.  The RMHYC Commodore, Jim Fenn (FENNDERS) did the MC honors.  Co-chairmen, Charlie (WILD ROSE), Roberta (INDEMNITY), and Terry (TERALEE) did a great job of organizing the event.


     Much to my surprise and delight, the judges had found favor with my special Chili, entitled "Chili-Chili-Bang-Bang".  Roberta (INDEMNITY), event co-chairperson, presented the award certificates.  In clowning mode, Ray (LAST DANCE) wore his chef’s hat in a rather “non-traditional” mode…


     Chairman Charlie congratulated the four winners, one from each category.  Additional honors were bestowed upon Ray (LAST DANCE) as TOP OVERALL WINNER of this year’s competition.  CONGRATZ, Ray…!


     Winners:  Mild- Fred (AMARSE); Hot- Dave (CHABLIS); Medium & Overall- Ray (LAST DANCE), Most Unusual- David (TAR HEEL).


     Challenging even cast iron stomachs, the guests enjoyed all the chili that they could handle.  There was mixed salad, cheddar cheese, chopped onions, and corn muffins to accompany the chili bowls. 


     Guest could choose either Cherry or Blueberry Pie.  The open-bar was a favorite for many.

     I can’t help but wonder if there will be a big sales boost for “TUMS” after the event.



     It was like a Chamber of Commerce day, bringing sunny, calm conditions to the Sea of Abaco.  AMARSE itched to be released from her tethers and roam the crystalline waters.  Joe and Eileen (ADAMAS DE MARIS) accepted our invitation for the day cruise to the Tahiti Beach.


     We located an inviting patch of sand to drop the anchor off Elbow Cay.  I served a savory, homemade “BEEF STEW-OUP”, a kindly combination between a stew and a soup.  Enjoyed in the environment of sundeck dining, it was, of course, very delicious.

     We were back in plenty of time to meet a group of about 40 friends to enjoy cocktail hour at the picnic table area.  The entire group headed over to the Mango’s Restaurant, on the Marsh Harbour side, for Pizza Night.  They offered a special, all-u-can-eat deal for only $5/person.  With drinks on special, the crowd was eager to sample the variety of differently topped pies.  Everyone hopes that they will repeat the offer soon.



     Several boats took the opportunity available in this good weather to enjoy overnight anchoring.  I don’t know all the details of the situation encountered by this boater, however, it is fairly clear that this aluminum fluke anchor took a substantial amount of damage.  The bending and cracking may have been the result of an entanglement with an extremely fouled, immovable object that was submerged on the bottom. Fortunately, these very strong anchors come with a lifetime warranty.  Imagine the amount of force necessary to result in a fracture.  They are regarded as a very formidable, reliable anchor and we use an identical model on our boat.






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