UPDATE#08 02/20-02/21 (DAY)   

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The adventures of 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009 through 02/19/09 have been published on the website.  We continue with the latest edition.

 UPDATE 2009 #08  02/20/09 thru 02/21/09 (DAYLIGHT HOURS)

At last update, we were aboard AMARSE at the Abaco Beach Resort and Boat Harbour Marina in the Bahamas.



     Judy and I were enjoying another absolutely fabulous day here in the Bahamas.  The tranquility of these vessels resting at Dock 4 of Boat Harbour attests to the peacefulness of this beautiful day.


     At 5pm, the resort hosted a Manager’s Party featuring 2-for-1 drink specials and complimentary conch fritters.  Most of all, we enjoyed another opportunity to be with our friends.  I’m always ready for a hug from these special folks that have become endeared to us.  That’s Karen O’Brien (CHRISTMAS) (Left) and Linda Thompson (TOMLIN TOO) (Right).


     Bette Bauereis (TAR HEEL) (L) and Sue Graham (ODYSSEY) (R)…


     We left the party by 6pm to ride our bikes to the downtown area for the first night of Junkanoo events.  Finding seats along the wall, this gang eagerly awaited the first “rush” of performers in the Junior Junkanoo.  In the picture (L to R), Gene and Judy Koetitz (LO QUE SE A), Shirley and Ed Zellers (M/V TALLY HO), and Lois Lantz (PUFFIN)…


     Junkanoo is a Bahamian cultural expression, which has been derived from Bahamians' ancestry. It encompasses parades that are held in the Bahamas wherein locals showcase a wonderful part of their culture in three basis forms: Music, Art and Dance.

     There is a huge controversy about the origin of Junkanoo, as many historians have offered explanations for the derivations and beginning of this festival. Perhaps, the most accepted one indicates that the word “Junkanoo” came from the name John Canoe, who was an African prince and slave trader operating on the Gold Coast in the 17th century. On occasion, he was said to have outwitted the English and subsequently gained some control. There are indications that both the Dutch and the English likely feared him. However, to the slaves, he was a hero and was worshipped and idolized by them. Those slaves who were brought here to the Bahamas kept up this distinct form of worship.

     In the pre-Emancipation era, the slaves were allowed few days off during the year including 1st January and 26th December. On the 1st of January and the 26th of December, they were allowed to perform their Junkanoo festival. The 26th of December was a special day for exchanging gifts and visiting friends and subsequently became a national holiday known as “Boxing Day”. After Emancipation, the festival continued, and individual characters such as Neptune and Amphitrite portrayed the highly reveared John Canoe.

     For anyone who is either an active participant or spectator in this special street parade, just being there and rocking to the sounds of the Junkanoo drummers, cowbellers, and dancers, completely exhilerates the auditory and visual senses and is a very unique treat to be thoroughly enjoyed. 

     Again this year, the Junkanoo events in Marsh Harbour were held in the month of February.  Traditionally, they were held in December in the earlier years.  As the cultural significance expands and developes, the broader spectrum of celebration has been rescheduled for better availability and convenience.  This year, the committee has wisely divided the event into two groupings covering two nights.  The first night encompasses the “Junior Junkanoo”.  Young persons of school age and their teachers have developed programs to foster the interest and sophistication of the historically significant festival.  This Update #08 will focus on the first night of these spectacular parade “rushes”.

     Please enjoy each picture with some careful attention for the enthusiasm, pride, and intensity of the participants that is revealed in their eyes and by their individual expressions.  And now, Junior Junkanoo of 2009.


     Our masks from the RMHYC Mardi Gras Party were collected and donated to the organizing committees for use by the children’s groups.  This particular, black and white feathered mask is the one that I donated and it now has the opportunity to bring even more joy to this young girl and to all of the spectators. 


     We recognized that black mask with the red horns as being one donated by Jim Elliott (CHRISTINE).


     This next picture of a brass player is one of my very favorites.  I think it captures the spirit of this cultural extravaganza and the importance of history in shaping the pride of this country’s youthful citizens.


     This group plays in an interesting tribute to the Royal Bahamas Police Force Marching Band…


      I thought that the intricately woven strands in these girls’ hair were a delightfully colorful and esthetic effect.


     Notice the personal pride and obvious intensity in this young fellows expression…


     At the end of the night’s event, we were awestruck and delightfully excited about the Senior Junkanoo event scheduled for tomorrow night.  Because of the many great photos, I will devote an entire update to that event for your enjoyment.  Look forward to that coming soon…



     With dozens assisting with lines and waving goodbye, we bade our dear friends, David and Bette Bauereis (TAR HEEL) a Bon Voyage as they headed out for the season.  We look forward to seeing them again next winter.


     Judy and I enjoyed a wonderful afternoon visit from Margo Caldy and Dennis Krakow (PIZZAZZ).  While their boat is docked in Florida this season, they came here to the Abacos to spend a couple of weeks with all of their friends in the RMHYC.  Next year, they will be here all winter and we are looking forward to having lots more opportunities to be with these terrific folks…


     Dennis (PIZZAZZ) and Rita Wieczorek (MAGNUM OPUS) aboard AMARSE…


     Wink and Wilma (JOHN HENRY) were enjoying a visit with her son, Garrett.  It is also a pleasant chance for him to visit with his two kids and their mom, Toni.


     Of course, the Dock 4 residents were happy to celebrate their arrival with a cocktail hour party.


     Shirley Zellers (M/V TALLY HO) has been creating absolutely fabulous craft projects.  Her intricate weaving, using all natural materials gathered here in the Bahamas, is spectacular.  Even though this was her premier attempt, it appears that she has achieved perfection with the giant Abaco Pine Needles.


     Wilma’s granddaughter, Emmy, was quick to pick up the conch horn for the sunset salute.


     As Amber shinnies up the dock pole, Emmy is putting the maximum effort into blowing that conch horn.


     The conch horn virtuoso of Dock 4, Sue Graham (ODYSSEY) gets some humorous assistance from her husband, Paul.


     This update covers the happenings during the daytime hours of this day.  Tonight will be the second celebratory event featuring Senior Junkanoo.  The next update will be dedicated exclusively to that coverage.  Return soon for that colorful and exciting update that is chock-full of great photographs.






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