UPDATE# 7 03/01 thru 03/10/08

Howdy Everybody,

The adventures of 2008 from 1/1/08 through 2/29/08 have been published on the website.  We continue with the latest edition, UPDATE 2008 # 07.


 UPDATE 2008 #07   03/01/08 through 03/10/08.

At last update, AMARSE was at our winter home at ABACO BEACH RESORT and BOAT HARBOUR, in sunny Marsh Harbour, Abacos, Bahamas.



      Much of the day followed the pattern of everyday life in paradise.  Warm, pleasant breezes waft gently across the clear, turquoise waters of the Sea of Abaco.  The sun shines, the people play, and life is good.

      At suppertime, Joe DeMaris joined us for bowls of Chili and fresh, hot corn muffins. 

      We watched a little Sopranos Season 6, then off to bed early for a busy day tomorrow.



     The alarm blasted us out of a sound sleep at 5:45am.  With a cup of coffee in hand, the view of the sunrise was spectacular.  A tropical breeze and low 70’s promised the beginnings of another wonderful day.


     A delighted group of friends have been invited to board ODYSSEY for a trip to Great Guana Cay.  Our instructions were that ODYSSEY would sail with those onboard at 0630.  A little after 6am, our neighbor, Jerry (ISLAND PRINCESS), said to me that he thought there might be a problem because there were no lights on at ODYSSEY.  Now normally, Paul would have been scurrying around arranging lines and cords and hoses and all manner of equipment to ready ODYSSEY for sea.  Jerry bravely went and rapped loudly on the side of ODYSSEY to awaken a sleepy crew.  Somehow, their alarm did not go off and they had overslept.  The slightly embarrassed captain quickly prepared and gracefully welcomed all his guests aboard for a timely departure.  How about this view as ODYSSEY moved astern from her berthing?


     The two-hour voyage to Guana Cay was skillfully accomplished and the smooth ride was delightful.  ODYSSEY is a strong and comfortable vessel that is a real treat to enjoy.  Safely tied up to Earl’s dock in Guana, Captain Paul takes a second to pose on the bow of ODYSSEY. 


     The crew in the galley was busily preparing a sumptuous breakfast for the eleven, famished bunch.  Each person had brought something to share.  Judy (AMARSE) and Sue (ODYSSEY) combined their culinary talents to prepare bacon and several varieties of French Toast recipes.  It just doesn’t get better than this.


Judy Jenkins (L)(DOUBLE JJ) and Sandy Johnson (R)(CRITCHER CAT) relax in the glider rockers in the saloon area of ODYSSEY.


     Now, this is something you won’t see everyday.  This is the kind of picture that the National Inquirer would love to get their hands on.  Yes, my friends, I actually caught Sherry in the very act of doing dishes.  If you must know, Sherry even refuses to cook anymore.  If any of her friends back home in Manhattan ever saw this, she would be ostracized henceforth.  Please help us keep this a secret.  We love her too much to let this kind of information leak out.


     Debbie McKenzie looks so comfy resting peacefully on the divan.  Don’t you think she epitomizes the name of their boat (ISLAND PRINCESS)?


     It is Sunday, March 02, 2008, and the excitement of the Barefoot Man Concert at Nipper’s Beach Bar is starting to build.  Faithful centurions from the Royal Marsh Harbour Yacht Club have been defending prime table positions under that shaded, roofed area all night long. 


Working in two-hour watch schedules, the defenders staved off any and all intruders desperately trying to compromise the premier vantage location.  Several of us arrived at 10 or 10:30am to join the vigilance.


     Barefoot Man (George) has been a personal friend of Susan Harward (SUSAN’S COVE) for many years.  You may remember that she had lived on this island for many years and is much loved by everyone here.  Susan was happy to personally introduce Judy and me to her friend, the Barefoot Man.  He signed our T-Shirts with a friendly smile.


     Judy enjoyed the chance for a photo with George, the Barefoot Man.  I wonder if he will come up with a clever song about Judy someday?


     Remember the picture of this deck from the last update?  What a difference a day makes!  The headcount leaped from a mere dozen to nearly two thousand, sun-seeking, fun-loving, drink-guzzling, dancing fools.


     Even the shed rooftops were filled to over-capacity with spectators, fans, and even some exhibitionists.



     Even though she doesn’t have a T-Shirt, Barefoot Man autographed this gal anyway.  Now, tell me, “Is that a dedicated performer or what?”


     Sherry (CHIPKA FIRE III) and Sue (ODYSSEY) shared their friendly smiles.  That is Susan Harward (SUSAN’S COVE) seated in back.


     The human masses continue to swarm around the deck and stage area.  If you notice the dancing pole in the right side of the crowd, there is a pair of very big woman’s underwear hanging on it.  This is in total keeping with one of our favorite Barefoot Man songs, “I Want to Dance With a Big Panty Woman”.  If you’ve ever heard it, you know it’s a hoot.


     Many of the sun-worshipers were content to lie around the pool and avoid the crowds.  I think they knew that it was a better place for them to be seen.


     Up on the roof…….


     Down in the pool…….


     Atop the wooden deck……..


     On the picnic tables………


     Up and down the stairways…….


     On tables and benches……


     Everyone was thoroughly enjoying the Barefoot Man and this magnificent day of sights and sounds.


     That bar that was empty last week is now bulging beyond any reasonable capacity.  What would OSHA say? And who among you cares?


     This gal is sipping a drink appropriately called a “Nipper’s”.  The fruity concoction should be required to display some kind of warning message.


     Maybe the Barefoot Man is playing my favorite song, “She’s Got Freckles on her Butt, She’s Fine”.


     Now, my friends, this is one of the most wonderful displays of unselfish, service to the public that I have ever personally observed.  I think that even Mother Teresa would be proud of these two fine gentlemen and their dedicated servitude.  Perched strategically adjacent to the ladies room, they generously handed out toilet paper to all needy patrons.  Robert and Earl deserve some sort of medal, commendation, or even possible Sainthood, for their efforts and accomplishments in an otherwise savage world.


     As we departed at the boat dock, our RMHYC friend, Dennis Krakow (PIZZAZZ) bade us farewell.  With staff in hand, he portrayed the image of “Let my People Go”.  And we did…..


     The two-hour cruise back to Boat Harbour was beautiful and relaxing.  We had lots of opportunity to chat, joke, laugh, and enjoy being with wonderful friends.  Thanks, Paul and Sue!!!!!  We had a wonderful day!!!!!  Oh, by the way, their alarm clock sounded just as we were pulling back into the dock.  Guess it was set for PM instead of AM,  Oh well…….



     At 8am, I made another, originally composed, announcement for the upcoming Sock Hop and Rock ‘N Roll Party.  Judy and I have accepted the coordination and arrangement of this RMHYC event scheduled for March 11TH.  I have been getting lots of compliments on the entertainment value of my announcements and it is said that some folks tune in to VHF 78 just to hear what I’m going to say.

     Judy trod off on the morning stroll and I visited with Joe DeMaris aboard ADAMAS DE MARIS.  We worked to transfer his photos to his Apple Computer.  It has been said that the Apple programs are “intuitive”.  Sure!

     After lunch, we hustled and bustled around to coordinate with volunteers for the Sock Hop.  It is great to have folks with good ideas and experiences from which we can draw.  Paul and Sue (ODYSSEY) graciously offered their services and valuable experience with the Open Bar and contest prizes.

     We had a wonderful evening at dinner with Galen and Connie Siler aboard R-JOY.  Galen sliced the freshly baked, Bahamian bread.



     Connie prepared an interesting, Rachael Raye inspired, recipe for Chicken Breast with Brie Cheese and baked in dough crust.  The wine choice was a Lambrusco and dessert was Apple Spice Cake with whipped cream.



     We had a wonderful reunion visit from friends that shared the loop together.  They are Tom and Marbeth Dietrich (center)(CHANGE OF PACE) and Jean Turnbull (L) and Priscilla Myers (R)(OCEAN FLYER).  They were wonderful companions and adventurers on our Canadian flotilla and throughout the Great Loop experience.  I continue to be impressed with Jean’s life accomplishments in business, aviation, and nautical seamanship.  I have developed a special admiration and find her an inspiration of adventurous spirit.  Priscilla is an accomplished first mate aboard OCEAN FLYER and has shared numerous adventures with Jean. 

     Tom and Marbeth have lived comfortably aboard their trawler for numerous years.  Their next planned voyage aboard CHANGE OF PACE proceeds from the Bahamas, up the east coast to NYC, the Hudson River, then their choice of routes to the St. Lawrence SeaWay to Canada, the Atlantic waters of Maine and New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and back to New York City.  Jean and Priscilla plan to travel the same sort of routing aboard OCEAN FLYER.  Bon Voyage, mes Ami.


     Judy and Sue have been busily sewing their Poodle Skirts for the Sock Hop.  Being very focused gals too occupied to cook, I urged Paul and Sue to accept our invitation to dine aboard AMARSE.  Paul is especially fond of meatballs.  I prepared spaghetti smothered in a northern Italian style sauce that I made from basic ingredients.  I think they enjoyed the flavorful, yet lighter textured, sauce. 


     I hope Paul enjoyed the meatballs, especially prepared for him, as much as I enjoyed making them especially for him.  He is one of the greatest guys that we have ever met. 



     Today was a great day for me!  I was eager with anticipation with my wonderful daughter, Sharyn, due to arrive this morning.  We had several pressing meetings concerning the Sock Hop event that we thought would be finished before she arrived.  Guess what, she arrived by taxi earlier than expected.  The good news is that lots of folks were expecting her and were ready to help her get orientated.  Within a few minutes, we were exchanging wonderful hugs that were long awaited.  Although she can only stay a few days, we are excited to have her here.


     We occupied most of the day just chatting and catching up on our life stories.  Sharyn enjoyed the tour of the resort and she seemed impressed.  The lure of a hammock between the trees near the sandy beach caught her eye with a promised beckoning.

     Wednesday nights are special at the Jib Room Restaurant and Marina.  The lines form early for open seating with confirmed reservations.  As near to 7pm as possible, the doors swing wide to the food line.  In exchange for your meal ticket, the crew serves cole slaw, potato salad, baked beans, and rolls.  The grill master, Marvin, fills your second platter with a slab of Baby Back Ribs.  Hopefully, you had arrived early enough (5:45pm) to get a great table like we did.


     Sharyn, Judy, and I had a wonderful time being together.  Judy and Sharyn have developed a great relationship over the years.  These are the two most important women in my life.  I am so richly lucky to have both of them as such major influences to my happiness.


     The pelting rain showers drove the limbo king, Desmond, inside to perform his low, low limbo dance.


     Even though it got a little smoky inside, Desmond wouldn’t disappoint the spectators with anything less than his famous fire limbo.


      Sharyn was amazed.  “Did you see what this guy just did?”


     When the Rake ‘N Scrape music got going, Sharyn joined right in scraping at that saw.  They both seem to be enjoying the music and the beat.


     Other friends were nearby to join in the fun of Rake ‘N Scrape.  (L to R) Scott and Mary Coles (MASCOT), Judy Law (AMARSE), Andy Allen (SEA DEE), and also seated, Oliver and Sallie (1 Oliver 2).  Joe DeMaris (ADAMAS DE MARIS) has been with us all evening, but, somehow, he avoided the camera lens.


     It was still raining when we caught the taxi back to Boat Harbour but our spirits were still shining from the fun evening.



     Sharyn was up and feeling energetic.  She joined Judy and the gals for the morning Walk ‘N Talk.  She told us that the pool was just the right way to cool down after the walk, so she joined another bunch of the gals for water aerobics.  Everyone is enjoying Sharyn’s visit and it seems like she is certainly enjoying all the great folks here.

     Sharyn enjoyed the resort facilities and even took a short nap in the beach hammock.

     The neighbors decided to hold a welcome party.  A large group gathered at 5:30pm to share the meeting and greeting.  There were lots of fancy hors d’oeurves and snack stuff.  Judy made delicious Pizza pieces much to everyone’s delight.  All the partygoers brought their cocktails and their smiles. 


     Everyone enjoyed meeting and visiting with Sharyn.  They all knew her name because they’ve heard me talk so much about her visit.  I guess you might say that I’m a proud Papa.


     Everyone had hoped that Jessica Hart, daughter of Carolyn Wilson (SEA ISLAND GIRL), would have been here for the party, however, the plane was delayed and we missed her tonight.

     Back at AMARSE, I prepared a four cheese Ravioli with Walnuts sautéed in butter combined with Balsamic Vinegar reduction sauce.  It was delicious.

     For the evening entertainment, we played the DVD movie, Dream Girls, on the Hi-Def Big Screen in the AMARSE Theatre.  I love that movie!



     Sharyn and Judy headed off for the morning walk.  The original plan was for Sharyn and Judy to join Robert and Carolyn Wilson, and daughter, Jessica, for a road trip south to Little Harbour.  Robert had rented a van that would seat them all, including Steve and Karen O’Brien (CHRISTMAS).  I couldn’t join them because I had a doctor appointment at 11am.

     At the last minute, Sharyn got an email about a customer problem that she wanted to resolve immediately.  Regretfully, she opted out of the van trip.  The good news is that she was able to handle her business issue and, then, volunteered to be nursemaid to her Pappy.  We walked into town and waited for the doctor.  His diagnosis was encouraging in that there were indications of healing and that there still was no sign of infection.  He did some more minor surgery to remove non-productive tissue, re-bandaged it, and informed me that I could expect it to take up to six months to fully heal.  Say, What?  He also recommended a more firm compression stocking to promote circulation. 

      Sharyn and I walked into town with stops at the Bakery, Pharmacy, and, of course, Maxwell’s Grocery Store.  I was happy to take the taxi back to Boat Harbour.

     Judy’s day was much more exciting.  The group rode in the van to see the sights south.  The view of Little Harbour shows an assortment of boats at fixed moorings throughout the small harbor bay.


     Pete’s Pub is an eclectic assortment of pieces, parts, and memorabilia assembled into a beach bar pub.  This famous location has survived the test of time and hurricane to beckon curious visitors from all over the earth.  Pete Johnston has been a resident here since the fifties when his father, Randolph Johnston, first tamed these wilds.  The family, Pete being the youngest, carved a niche and eked out an existence in the most primitive manner.  Reading the book, “An Artist and his Island”, by Denny Johnston, is a lesson in subsistence living that I would have no interest in pursuing.


     Pete has carried on the sculpting traditions of his father and the bronze casting artistry thrives here.  The modern gallery presents the works and garners a phenomenal group of collectors.  Everything here will remain well beyond our financial reach.  Many of the pieces are valued at near $15,000 to $30,000.



     Their process of bronze casting often involves quenching the molten metal castings in the local seawater.  Further aging occurs in that environment.


     I believe that this is a reproduction of one such piece that made the father, Randolph, into the respected and successful artist that he became.  I think it was called, “The Old Man of the Sea”. 


     Outside the protected little bay, the waters can display a bit of their awesome power.


     Rustic and secluded, this sandy beach had Jessica “just a swingin’”.


     Judy snapped this photo of a hermit crab.  He was either visiting another or looking for a new home.


     Robert and Carolyn Wilson, along with her daughter, Jessica Hart, visit a friend’s home located near Pete’s Pub.


     Steve and Karen (CHRISTMAS) are hoping that the powerful surf will drive some spectacular shells ashore.


     This lovely Bahamian styled cottage is in the small community of Cherokee. (pronounced “Cher-ROCK-kee”)


     A special dinner was prepared for Sharyn’s enjoyment.  We obtained some Bahamian Lobster.  I sautéed the lobster meat in butter and made a sauce with cream and sun-dried tomatoes.  The medley was served over linguine al dente.  Wow!  There was fresh, warm, French Bread to complete the meal.

     Wink and Wilma Thornton (JOHN HENRY) invited a gaggle of folks over for game night.  The Apples to Apples card game has been great fun for these large groups.  There were 16 fun-loving souls there to enjoy the question and answer game.  Everybody had so much fun that I can’t even remember who won.



     Sharyn and Judy were ready at 8:30am for the daily walking routine.  When they returned, I made them a breakfast of Pancakes from batter containing mashed bananas, egg, heavy cream, pina colada smoothie mix, and both coconut and banana rums.  You wish you could get these Pancakes at IHOP, but you can’t.

     Sharyn was intrigued with the beautiful jewelry that Sue and Judy have been making.  She joined them aboard ODYSSEY for the opportunity to learn the secrets of the masters.  Ooops.  I think they have created another jewelry-making addict.  Their absence gave me a good chance to nap.  I hadn’t been feeling all that well and was glad to rest and sleep for almost 4 hours.

     I had asked Judy to recreate her specialty dish for our dinner.  It is my personal favorite and I knew that Sharyn would love it too.  Working diligently in the small galley, Judy made it all happen again with her Chicken Breast in her special Mushroom sauce.  Served with Mashed Potatoes, stuffing, biscuits, and some of Sue’s Homemade Coconut Bread, I can’t think of a more perfect meal.  Thanks, Judy!!!!

     A visit to Boat Harbour and AMARSE would be incomplete without the chance to FARKLE.  Sharyn caught on quickly to the game played with five dice.  I think it is one of the most fun games I’ve ever played.  Roll’em, Sharyn……  


     Of the three games played, we each won one.




     Hey, what happened to that hour of sleep today?  We had to set the clocks ahead an hour last night.  In essence, that means that we were gypped out of a whole hour of sweet dreams.  Oh, well…….

     Sharyn has to go home today.  It is Sunday so Judy usually stays aboard for a day of rest and to be an extra treat for me.  She also volunteered to make that scrumptious French Toast with fresh, Coconut Bread and rum-laced egg batter. It is always a hit around here.


     What a Goof-Ball!  She keeps me smiling and laughing all the time.  No wonder I love her so much.


     We enjoyed sitting and chatting on the sundeck of AMARSE all morning.  Lots of friends came by to visit with Sharyn and wish her well.  At lunch, Sharyn made a special request for Judy to make her favorite Chicken Salad that she liked so much.  Sharyn went to the galley and made the tasty mixture with directions from Judy.  Sharyn plans to add the recipe to her list of favorites at home.

     The plan was for Sharyn to head to the airport at 4pm for her 5:30pm flight.  We checked the computer and found that delays were significant with the flight out of Ft. Lauderdale.  Finally, after seeing that the flight was further delayed, she decided to go to the airport hoping for the possibility of transferring to another flight.  When she hopped into the taxi at 4:45pm, I found myself missing her already.  I had been a wonderful, albeit all too short, time together.  I am hoping that we will be together again soon.

     Judy gathered up a group of volunteers to work on the centerpiece decorations for the Sock Hop.  She has ingeniously come up with the wonderful idea of arranging some flowers in bobby socks.  I will have some pictures in the next update.  Oh, what the heck, here is a sneak preview now.


     Even though Sharyn had to leave, the party must go on.  We were invited to join the Dock 5 (also affectionately named, “Fifth Avenue”) for cocktail hour.  Dave and Barbara Bluto had also invited us to join them on CHABLIS for dinner.  Dave prepared his famous recipe Chili.  That award-winning recipe appears in the RMHYC Cookbook entitled “More Marshed Potatoes” which is the second in the series.  This cookbook was compiled to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the club.  There was hot corn bread and chocolate cake to delight the taste buds. 

    When we checked the computer for info on Sharyn’s flight, originally scheduled for 5:30pm takeoff, we found that it finally departed at 10:45pm.  We were feeling very sorry for her long delay when we received an email message that she was home safe and sound.  Fortunately, she was boarded on a plane that left at 7pm.  That plane had been scheduled for 2pm.  Oh well, as they say in the islands, “Plane cum soon, Mon, Plane cum soon.”



     At 8am on VHF channel 78, I made the final announcement for the big Sock Hop and Rock ‘N Roll Party happening tomorrow.  I have spent long hours creating the original messages designed to capture the interest and imagination of the members and guests.  Many of our listeners have commented that they have thoroughly enjoyed each message and have had their interest piqued.

     A good portion of the day was occupied with setting up the Marquis Tent, making final coordination details with the resort staff involved with Events and Activities.  All the tables were set up and the stage rearranged and repairs made to some equipment.  Progress today was good.

     It was nice to see Eileen Ambrosini back aboard the ADAMAS DE MARIS.  She says that she’s ready to party.  Tomorrow, we will find out how many others are ready to “Make it a night like it used to be, When our Hearts were Young and our Souls were Free.”



     This concludes this edition of the AMARSE Update logs.  We hope you will join us again soon for more adventures coming in the month of March including the details and photos from our fabulous Sock Hop and Rock ‘N Roll Party.




       We sincerely hope that you will review the previous years of compilations to give context to the current editions.  Please let us know if you have any special suggestions and thoughts.


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Fred Reed and Judy Law