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UPDATE #16 07/16/06 thru 07/22/06


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 UPDATE #16   07/16/06 through 07/22/06.


 The period 4/1 thru 7/15 has been covered in Updates 1 through 15. 

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    Judy and I were awakened about 7 am with the sound of engines and whirring bow thrusters.  I peered out the salon window to see “Lazy Susan” repositioning.  Still half asleep, I didn’t recognize Ivor at the wheel.  I also couldn’t understand why he was moving around.  As I laid back into bed, all of a sudden, there was banging, clashing, and crashing of our deck table and chairs.  I jumped back up from bed to see the wind blowing at 50 or 60 miles per hour.  I hopped into my pants and shirt and rushed outside to see Ivor attempting to re-dock his boat along the blue line wall.  A huge roll cloud was screaming overhead and these horrendous winds were emanating from it.  As I rushed over to the wall, Ivor had realized that these powerful gusts could easily harm his boat.  He backed off and held away from the dock until the violent gusts subsided.  Within a few minutes, we had him tied securely to the blue line.  Too much excitement and too early in the morning.  He had wanted to be first through the lock at 8:30 am and thought the early calmness was good time to reposition.  I must say that I have not seen a roll cloud like that one in many years.  It preceded a strong thunderstorm that, fortunately, passed just south of our position.   Soon, all was relatively calm again.  Ivor and Dan took their boats through on the first locking while Judy and I waited some more time.  I wanted to be sure that we would not get caught out in any nasty weather.  We sure were not in any big rush to go anywhere.

    We received a call from Beacon Bay Marina in Penetanguishene informing us that they had found us a slip dock for the night.  We had not expected to go there until the Monday but this would work out even better.  We cast off the dock and by 12:45, we had completed the final lock along the Trent Severn Waterway.



  Lock #45 is the final descent into the Lower Georgian Bay.  Through the narrows of “Potato Channel” and across the end of the bay, we motored into the mouth of Penetanguishene Bay.  At the southern basin, we entered Beacon Bay Marina.  All marinas monitor channel 68 on the VHF radio.  This is different from the USA.  With a simple call, we had summoned the help of several dockhands and received detailed directions to our assigned slip.  The marinas are wonderfully responsive and offer a level of personal customer service unparalleled anywhere that I know of.  We have one of the nicest slips and locations in the marina.



  We will be here for the week while we attend the “America’s Great Loop Cruising Association” (AGLCA) annual Canadian Rendezvous. (7/17-7/20).  You will learn more as the update continues throughout the week.

    We strolled around the marina meeting and greeting with resident boaters, as well as, boaters and friends that we had already met somewhere along the waterways that have led us here.




      This morning marks the first day of activities at the AGLCA Rendezvous.  The morning activities consisted merely of registration and casual socializing.  The afternoon highlight was a bus tour of the local area, downtown shopping, and a visit to the famous “Shrine of the Martyrs”.



  Many years ago, hostile Indians in this region murdered six Catholic priests.  For their sacrifice, the priests received martyrdom.  A shrine has been erected in their remembrance and many of the faithful come here to worship and seek special healings.  During our visit, a senior priest gave us a quite complete rendition of the history and activities during those early times among warring tribes.  The building itself was quite fascinating.



    In the evening, Bob and Karen Jantz, of Beacon Bay Marina, hosted a wonderful wine and cheese party at the Penetanguishene Museum.



  A delightful talk by the curator enlightened us all about the long and wonderful history of this somewhat rural area.  The museum has some nice displays of local period artifacts and memorabilia.  I am sure that everyone had a wonderful evening.



     The continental style breakfast at 7:30 am started everything in a good way.  The new, large storage building had been prepared with tables and chairs for the group seminars as well as the center of activities including most meals.

     Each participant had the opportunity to introduce him or herself and give a brief commentary of their experiences and/or plans and dreams.  We enjoyed this opportunity to become better acquainted with our fellow “Loopers”.

     Presentations followed that included:  “Cruising the Lower Georgian Bay” and “Cruising the North Channel”.  Lunch was served during the intermission.



     Each Looper vessel had the opportunity to offer an “Open-House” viewing of their boat to others.  Dubbed as the “Looper Crawl”, the event was intended to help others get ideas on layout and equipment to enhance their own plans for purchases or improvements.  Many attendees have not yet acquired their vessels so this event was of great interest.  AMARSE was in Group B and available for viewing.  Judy and I were somewhat surprised at how few boats were offering viewings.  Apparently, at some previous events, some quests were less than polite and a little bit overbearing.  This gave the event a poor reputation and so many shied away this time.  We were pleased with the quests that we had visiting our boat and enjoyed sharing our joy in AMARSE with others.  Judy and I are convinced that AMARSE is the ideal boat for us to be enjoying this terrific trip aboard.

     Dinner was billed as BBQ (Canadian Style).  I’m not sure how much difference there was, but I think they explained it that way to avoid any misconception that it was a Texas BBQ.  It was quite good.  A talent show followed.  Most of the talent in this group consisted of a joke telling session.  Lots of laughs, even at jokes we had heard many times before. 




     A hot breakfast buffet started the morning off just right.  The scheduled seminars covered topics such as:  “Cruising Lake Michigan” and “River Navigation 101”.   Following lunch on our own, we enjoyed an open forum session and had Q&A sessions with electrical and diesel technical experts.  Very informative and enjoyable.

     The special event for the late afternoon was the “infamous” poker run in the dinghies.  The boaters were to man their inflatable vessels and motor to several locations to receive a playing card.  After picking up five cards, the dinghy crew with the best poker hand would be the winner.  The real fun is to douse your fellow boaters with water from huge squirt guns and with buckets full of water or any other conceivable method to utterly soak the other teams.  What great fun we had and there was not a dry spot on anyone.  Isn’t it great when (so called) adults are acting like kids playing again?

     We topped of the evening with a Pot Luck Dinner.  My compliments to all the contributors.  The food was delicious and the variety was extensive.



     A continental breakfast preceded the morning seminar covering “River Specifics: Mississippi, Cumberland, and Tennessee Rivers”.  The weather cooperated for the group photographs taken on the knoll at the marina.



  An informative session on Ontario Marine Operations, the included luncheon, and a special Ladies'/Men's session where each group individually addressed issues specific to either gender or crew position, completed the educational aspect of this Rendezvous. 

     At 4:15, the bus took us to town for browsing, shopping, or whatever.  We met back at the town pier to be welcomed aboard the “Georgian Queen”, a local sightseeing boat.



  We were treated to a cruise of the local bays and served a dinner choice of Chicken Breast or Steak.  The food was quite delicious.  A jazz type group played their tunes for all to enjoy.  Special awards were presented to special interests and some were quite comical.  This was a delightful culmination to a wonderful gathering of Loopers at the Rendezvous.



     The official proceedings of the Rendezvous were over and some of the participants were leaving the marina this morning.  Fortunately, the marina had made a slip available for us to use through Saturday night.  AMARSE was due for some routine maintenance and this was the perfect day for it.  We were able to locate some of the exact type of oil that AMARSE’s Lehman engines use.  We raised the floorboards and proceeded to change all the oils and filters in both the engines and the generator.  We added new zincs to the heat exchangers.



     The marina informed us that we would have to move to another slip in the afternoon.  Seems that the resident boater from our slip was returning unexpectedly due to damage to his propellers.  We have observed at least a half dozen other boats with damaged propulsion during the week and a large number of similar incidents since arriving in these complex waters.   While relocating, we fueled up our tanks with diesel and readied AMARSE for the upcoming travels.  Diesel fuel is sold by the Liter in Canada.  The equivalent price well exceeds four dollars a gallon. 

      Ivor and Susan from “Lazy Susan” joined us for dinner at Captain Ken’s Restaurant.  We all selected from the seafood side of the menu and, unanimously, we enjoyed the meals.




     Beacon Bay Marina, again, generously loaned us a vehicle to go shopping for supplies.  Actually, Ron and Gorde, from “Purely Social” had made two of their vehicles available for the Loopers to use.  These fine folks have completed the loop trip twice already.  Beacon Bay is their homeport.  Thanks Ron and Gorde.  The managers and owners made their personal vehicles, as well as the company vehicles, available for the convenience of the boaters.

     We stocked up and spent the remainder of the day relaxing and preparing for the upcoming week of travel.

     A group of us obtained tickets to a 50’s Rock N’ Roll concert.  The music group was the “Martels”.  Perhaps you remember some of their hits such as “I’m Going to Kansas City, Kansas City Here I Come, They’ve Got Some Pretty Little Women There and I’m Gonna Get Me One”.  We had a ball just sing along and dancing to the oldies.  We had a visit from Elvis, who is obviously still alive and living in Canada.



     Ladies and Gentlemen, Elvis has left the building!

     Tomorrow, we depart on a 25 boat “Flotilla” taking us all through the 30,000 Islands region of the Georgian Bay.  We are all excited about traveling together through this spectacular area of immense natural beauty.




  As you can see, we are still in Canada.  My Verizon AirCard that operates my computer internet will not operate in Canada.  We will be sending this out when we can find a WiFi hotspot.  These locations are few and far between.  Our internet capability will be extremely limited for close to two months.  This may be the last update for a while.  If and when I can, I will post what is available.

   Judy’s phone will be out of service in Canada.  Fred’s phone will be available throughout the trip in Canada.  I have North American Service and hopefully it will be OK.  We can be reached at 210-296-4933.  Please call us if you like, ‘Eh.


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